HOM Charity Photoshoot

Homeless is where our heart is..

I recently organised a swim wear fashion themed photoshoot with fellow artists such as models, hair and makeup artists, and photographers to help raise funds for the homeless people in melbourne. I have been personally touched by the stories of people who became homeless and currently facing tough challenges in life.

Stephanie 1 Tahnee 1

Aptly named Homeless of Melbourne (HOM), this charity began with a group of friends who simply sat and chatted with people living on the streets, and shared their stories on social media. Almost a year on, HOM became a registered Australian charity with thousands of online supporters, a dedicated core of volunteers, and a non-profit retail store named HoMie in Melbourne Central Shopping Centre.

HOM shares the stories of people who are currently experiencing homelessness to raise awareness of this global issue. They sit, chat and listen to people we meet on the streets as they speak freely, and share their conversations to offer an insight into each individual and their circumstances. For a chat, or to shop while doing good at the same time, drop into our clothing store, HoMie: The Street Store that Gives, at suite 247, level 2, Melbourne Central Shopping Centre.

There are many highly-effective charities that provide outreach services to those experiencing homelessness in Melbourne. However, very few charities exist whose primary mission is to change negative attitudes towards homelessness, mobilise human compassion, and make donating easier through innovative social enterprise. Through its varied activities, HOM promotes a positive social movement for change that directly engages citizen support and action. By sharing a vision for a more equitable and caring society, HOM aims to inspire hope of an improved future for those experiencing homelessness, and encourages the public to demand nothing less from Melbourne decision-makers.

Laura 2Stephanie 2Tahnee 2

To follow activities and updates from the team at Homeless of Melbourne, check out their facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Homelessofmelbourne, Twitter and Instagram: @Homelessofmelb, and for media and business enquiries, please email: info@homelessofmelbourne.org

Special thanks to our models: Tahnee Rose Langshaw, Stephanie Sharp, Laura Baxter; HMUAs: Bianca Kazama of Bianca Karena Make-up and Beauty, Red Pout artist Melissa Pascuzzi, Charli Clark; and to all the photographers and contributors to this worthwhile charity.

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