Andrea Agosta

It takes a special eye to appreciate the shapes of elegance and sophistication!

Having dedicated her creative intellect to designing and producing bespoke jewellery pieces for several years, Andrea Agosta has built her business on the principle of providing the modern woman with an entire experience of classicism and femininity through her Melbourne-made creations, which incorporate high quality materials including the world’s finest Swarovski crystals. It takes a masterful hand to transpose these concepts into wearable pieces.


Andrea Agosta’s success and national recognition stems from her desire to create pieces that both capture and celebrate the intrinsic essence of the wearer. She understands that, like a pure cut crystal, no two women shine in exactly the same way. Her collection is embellished with glittering Swarovski crystals that sparkle with the secret charms of true glamour. Andrea’s designs are embellished by hand, and made with the idea that a piece of jewellery is a mark of the eternal creative spirit – a treasure that should endure from one generation to the next. With this in mind, her jewellery covers an extensive range of forms and styles including earrings, bracelets, necklaces and headpieces, as well as custom-made pieces that are the perfect accompaniment to any outfit for a variety of occasions from high fashion, to casual wear and even gifts.


Created with Swarovski elements, Andrea Agosta Designer Jewellery provide the perfect finishing touches to any look whether it be bridal or fashion. From classic to contemporary, choose from Andrea Agosta’s ready-to-wear collection or work with the talented designer herself to create your very own custom-designed pieces. Her pieces are fun, dramatic and extremely versatile. Wear individual pieces for a more casual look, or make a bolder statement with matching sets. Andrea Agosta shows how the simple addition of a statement jewellery piece can transform any outfit.


For the full collection of Andrea Agosta Designer Jewellery, you can visit

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