Serena Williams for BERLEI

Iconic Australian brand, BERLEI, is delighted to announce that Serena Williams, the Boss of Bounce, has just been appointed as its global ambassador in 2016. Serena was in-store at MYER Melbourne for media and photo opportunities last Thursday 14th January 2016.


Serena Williams has worn BERLEI bras in every match she has played for the past ten years after her mother first discovered the brand on a trip to Australia. “As a female athlete, I know how important a good bra is. As my tennis regime includes tonnes of high performance exercises, I’m always running, bouncing and jumping, and I need to be confident there is both comfort and support – especially on court. I am excited to help introduce these bras globally; I haven’t looked back since my mom introduced me to BERLEI,” she says. Serena went on to say: “Most women don’t realise that exercise of any kind without proper support can lead to irreversible damage of the Coopers Ligaments, which causes breast tissue sag and no woman wants that”.


Available at Myer, the BERLEI Winter range was launched in December 2015. It features a fashionable palette of new colours and prints, and boasts improved breathable mesh detailing throughout – leaving the wearer cool and comfortable – and ready for high impact activity!

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