Vixens win over Lightning

The Melbourne Vixens have won over the Sunshine Coast Lightning in Round 10 of Suncorp Super Netball!

Turning around a six-goal loss from the last time they played, the Vixens controlled the entire game, leading from start to finish. The Vixens gained an early three-goal lead, however the quick scoring of Lightning shooter, Caitlin Bassett, saw the scores level again at seven-all.

Regaining the momentum later in the quarter, the Vixens ran out to a six-goal lead, 20-14. The Vixens continued to surge into the second quarter, gaining a lead of nine before a tactical timeout was called for the Lightning.

Jo Weston and Emily Mannix were smothering in defence, making the Lightning hesitant on the pass into the ring. At half-time the six-goal margin remained, 38-32. It was a nerve-racking third quarter, with the Lightning gaining momentum to challenge for the lead.

The Vixens controlled the play early, however the Lightning, off the back of outstanding defensive work by former Vixen, Geva Mentor, were able to reduce the margin to just four goals. However, a late flurry from the Vixens saw the margin extend to seven-goals going into the final quarter.

There was no stopping the Vixens, with top defensive work from Weston and Mannix aiding the Vixens to a quick nine-goal lead. With six minutes left a time-out was called by the Lightning, however it did not stem the flow of goals from the Vixens, who managed to run out to a 14-goal lead with a minute to play.

The Lightning fought to the final whistle, with a goal on the siren seeing the Vixens win by 11 goals, 70-59.

Mannix was outstanding for the Vixens, finishing with five gains, three intercepts and four deflections against the league’s most prolific shooter, Bassett. Mwai Kumwenda also starred in attack, improving from her 28 goals the last time the two teams played, to score 40 goals from 40 attempts at 100% to claim match MVP.

The win means the Vixens have now defeated every team in the competition, and sit on a seven-game winning streak. The team will now play their second home game in a row, when they take on the Queensland Firebirds next Saturday in a double header.​

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