MasterChef Australia 2017 Launch

Have you seen the launch of the 2017 MasterChef yesterday? If not, you’ve missed a really good show, kudos Channel Ten!

The first episode explodes with the auditions to have one of the 24 odd number of MC Aprons the judges are strictly handing out. The hopefuls cooked their heart out and presented marvellous dishes, I find it funny when George Colambaris hides his approval from the applicants Lol. It was full of suspense, drama (i think i wet my eyes couple of times!) and real food, no bitching or back biting, just real cooking at it’s best and it’s only the auditions! I’m expecting great next episodes from this year by the looks of it. A real good show not only for the foodies but for all ages as well, very inspiring and very exciting indeed, keep it up MasterChef!

You can watch the replay at

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About the Show (republished from the MasterChef website)

Returning for its ninth exceptional season in 2017, MasterChef Australia is set to make things bigger, brighter and bolder than ever before, combining more big name international guests with bright new talent and exciting challenges to create a truly remarkable series.

Twenty four eager home cooks will earn the honour and privilege of wearing a MasterChef apron, joining an elite group of people who have since gone on to not only reach, but surpass their own food dreams.

After scouring the country for the best amateur cooks, the confident and the humble will cook side by side, putting themselves in the spotlight during a rigorous judges’ audition process that sees only the most deserving and talented cooks prevail.

Gary Mehigan, Matt Preston and George Calombaris are back to share their own unique talent and insights with the newest bunch of contestants. Encouraging and challenging, they will push the contestants to cook smarter, extend their creativity and overcome obstacles in ways they never dreamt possible.

Vue de monde’s Shannon Bennett reprises his role as guest mentor for the immunity challenges, determined to give away more immunity pins than last year. Photo: from Wikipedia

The Top 24 contestants had better strap themselves in for a wild ride, with the biggest of big name guest chefs set to walk through the doors to challenge and inspire the contestants like never before.

The master of Middle Eastern cuisine, Yotam Ottolenghi, has a truly extraordinary week in store for the judges and contestants.

Heston Blumenthal is back and he will take contestants on a never before seen road trip adventure, touring regional Victoria and showcasing the region’s eclectic produce. Photo: from Wikimedia

Some familiar faces from season eight return, with MasterChef Australia 2016 winner Elena Duggan popping by and fan favourite and runner-up Matt Sinclair working with the contestants for a special team challenge. Season seven contestant Reynold Poernomo, now running KOI in Sydney, comes full circle, taking on one lucky contestant in an immunity challenge.

Maggie Beer puts in a special appearance, along with favourites Curtis Stone, Anna Polyviou, Darren Purchese, Christy Tania and Janice Wong.

MasterChef Australia, the winner of the 2015 and the 2016 AACTA for Best Reality Series, remains Australia’s premier cooking competition. The ultimate winner stands to walk away with a life-changing experience, the title of Australia’s MasterChef 2017, $250,000 and a monthly column in Australia’s leading premium food magazine, Delicious.

Fans will relish seeing all their favourite challenges: the mystery box and invention test to start the week, followed by a nail-biting pressure test, where one cook will pack their bags. Next is the immunity challenge, in which contestants go head-to-head with professional chefs in a bid to win a pin to save them from future elimination. Exciting team challenges push the contestants to their limits mid-week and a final elimination ends each week.

MasterClasses are back, with Gary, Matt, George and special guests all taking the time to showcase their individual skills, priceless tips and recipes with contestants and eager cooks watching at home.

MasterChef Australia is a cooking competition like no other. It transforms lives, inspires the nation and impresses the world’s best chefs!

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