Zac Efron’s Fitness Secret

Do you want to know Zac Efron’s secret in keeping fit all the time? According to his Instagram, on top of working out several days a week, his secret is a low sugar diet full of organic whole foods, that’s it!

During Zac’s interview with Men’s Fitness he says, “After awhile your body stops craving junk food and you look forward to these meals. There’s this trigger that happens after two or three weeks of dieting and eating healthy food, where your body switches its primary energy source from burning mainly carbohydrates to burning fat.”

“When it switches over, all your cravings change. You go, ‘Holy cow, I want kale and vinaigrette shredded with beets and a little bit of sweet potato!’” says Zac of his effective eating plan.

If you want to try out Zac’s diet, head to for all the info you need.

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