Men Essentials

First off, boots! Us men need fashionable footwear too (not just women) and with the limited selection out there, boots are the most versatile footwear one can own. It can be paired with your fave jeans, chinos or suit pants. There’s the chelsea boots as featured here, also the chukka boots which is mid-cut, and can be either leather or suede.

No need to grab your latest mobile phone whenever you want the time. Dress watches are also a must as a man’s essential. Not only is it stylish as it can be matched with any top, but also lightweight and comfortable with it’s leather straps. Best of all, no need to buy the most expensive or most techy dress watch as all you need to know is ‘what time is lunch?’ Lol.

Thirdly, you may be wearing one already but we men need two belts of different colour. This is to match the outfit we’re wearing either to the office, going out on a date, or just to stand out from the common crowd. Black and tan are always great selection.

There are more men necessities out there but I only mentioned three in this article, hope you find them appealing.

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