Man Bag: How to Wear Them

Are you tired of the usual messenger bag or backpack every men is carrying around?

I have a lot of these bags and often times it becomes mundane when you feel that you’re carrying the same bag as everyone else does.

So I tried to look for a different bag, something fashionable yet functional as well. Enter the MAN HAND BAG, featured here is from Michael Kors. At a glance you’ll think it’s a women’s bag, well it’s unisex actually. Here are a few tips on how to make this bag more manly to suit your style:

  • Find one which is made of leather, the darker color the better, and with shoulder straps if you can;
  • Carry the bag either with your hands or with the shoulder straps slung across your chest unto your shoulders; and
  • Keep it simple in design, the more simple the design the better.

So this is how I carry my man bag to work:

It’s great with matching leather shoes and suit pants if your man bag is leather. I have another one which is made of fabric which matches well for a more casual style.

Here’s a short vid from Wall Street Journal about this iconic trend:

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