Face Fashion 2017 Melbourne Runway Day 1

Face Fashion provides a platform for fresh emerging labels to introduce themselves to the competitive Australian fashion industry.

The company was established by Marvin Osifo in 2006 with the aim of creating a global movement of fashion conscious people, which actively consumes, engages with and promotes quality Australian fashion using a broad variety of avenues and mediums.

Over the years, Face Fashion has consistently produced numerous high-end fashion events, introducing the next generation of Australian fashion designers. Each event aims to create solid public relations and exposure for designers to the Australian fashion community.

Face Fashion prides itself on its dedicated and imaginative approach towards event management, and consistently delivers its services with its own unique style. Each event creates solid press and exposure for these designers to the Australian fashion community.

Face Fashion’s mission is to connect designers, consumers and buyers in order to shape the future of the Australian fashion industry. They give designers a voice they otherwise wouldn’t have and give buyers a competitive advantage, including access to cutting edge design work from top Australian design talent. Face Fashion indeed gives consumers a preview of what’s possible, what’s hot, and early insight into what’s coming.

For complete collection of the Day 1 Melbourne Runway visit https://www.flickr.com/photos/ronaldquinonezphotography/albums/72157681677104613

For more info visit www.facefashion.com.au



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