Mick Taylor is back

Fans of Australian horror series Wolf Creek can look forward to a second season of the TV adaptation on streaming site STAN later this year.

Branching from the 2005 film, season one saw American tourist Eve Thorogood (played by Australian Lucy Fry) pursuing Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) after he murders her family. While the revenge/”final girl” plot is a horror movie staple, it worked for the six-episode season, backed by the beautiful Australian outback; the isolation of the outback is as big a part of the horror as Mick. The title comes from the Wolfe Creek meteorite crater in Western Australia.

Wolf Creek has transformed John Jarratt from lovable TV presenter on Better Homes and Gardens to a horror icon. Jarratt’s ability to switch from knockabout “bushie” pig shooter to terrifying serial killer makes Mick a cultural icon. Like Freddy Krueger, he’s a bad guy you can’t help barracking for. Then there’s that laugh.

Jarratt has translated his fame into regular appearances at Australian pop culture event Supanova and roles in Django Unchained100 Bloody Acres and StalkHer.

Wolf Creek creator Greg McLean has published two novels – Origin and Desolation Game. Origin deals with Mick Taylor’s growing bloodlust while working as a jackaroo in a WA sheep station; Desolation Game expands on the first novel, with Mick fighting in Vietnam and becoming the killer we see in the first Wolf Creek movie.

Wolf Creek season two airs late 2017.

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