Circus Oz – Model Citizens

Breath-taking and death-defying acts.. uniquely artistic and flawless acrobatics both infused into one.. surely a show not to be missed! 

Following an acclaimed three-month Australian east coast tour, Circus Oz is excited to present the first show for the company directed by Rob Tannion – Model Citizens – when it has its Melbourne premiere under the Circus Oz Big Top at Birrarung Marr from 20 June – 16 July 2017.

Model Citizens seamlessly blends the risk and beauty of breathtaking physical improbability with theatricality, choreography and Circus Oz’s distinct brand of Australian humour. In Model Citizens over-sized, everyday objects are used as unexpected circus equipment that create an intriguing new playground for the all-human ensemble. Acrobats will back-flip off a giant vertical clothes peg, become tangled in an oversized cotton reel, roll bowling balls haphazardly, unzip giant zippers, balance on a house of oversized collapsing cards and fly high in an enormous pair of aerial undies!

Stunningly lit and driven by a sensational live music soundtrack, Model Citizens unfolds within a cleverly designed model-kit world that challenges perspective, scale and concepts of normality. Exposing circus skills in unconventional ways, Model Citizens represent a stunning group acrobatics with a twist: a ten-pin act, quirky ball juggling, diving through giant scissors, hard-core hula-hoops and pyjama escapism.

Joining the Circus Oz Model Citizens artists will be cellist Michelle Johns, aerialist Tania Cervantes Chamorro, Spanish slack rope performer and violinist Alexander Weibel Weibel, acrobat Lachlan Sukro (who joined the Model Citizens ensemble early in the tour) and veteran Circus Oz performer, Matt Wilson, will return as the spruiker and join the band on stage.

Model Citizens is a visually and emotionally charged journey by the multi-talented Circus Oz ensemble, which audaciously unpacks the myths of modern Australia and exploring what it really means to be a model citizen in the ‘lucky’ country today. Circus Oz has influenced the development of circus arts around the world since its foundation in 1978. Circus Oz undertook its first and critically praised international tour in 1980 and has continued touring to over 100 cities and regions in 27 countries – playing to over 4 million people.


Model Citizens – Circus Oz Big Top premiere in Melbourne
Season 20 June – 16 July 2017
Duration 2 hours (including 20 minute interval)
Venue Circus Oz Big Top
Location Birrarung Marr, Melbourne (between Federation Square and Batman Avenue)
Tickets $30 – $95 (plus booking fees)

For tickets:

For more info visit:

Photo credit: Rob Blackburn

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