Victoria Polytechnic’s Makeup Carnivale

Victoria Polytechnic’s Makeup Carnivale is an exciting end of year event for the Diploma of Specialist Make-up students and is a stunning celebration of students’ creativity and talent rolled into one fabulous show!

Held at the iconic Arts Centre Melbourne, the Graduating Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialist Make-up) students featured their outstanding achievements in a spectacular and interactive exhibit. Yes, you can mingle with characters created by the graduating class and guess who you can identify.

Showcasing the talented work of the Diploma of Specialst Makeup students, the evening celebrates the grad student’s creativity and talent as they transition from training to industry. Showcasing their outstanding achievements in a spectacular and interactive event, guests have seen how the graduating class created characters into art and performance. Indeed, this group of talented graduates are prepared to take on their next exciting careers!

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About Vic Polytechnic

Victoria Polytechnic is VU’s newly established TAFE entity offering high quality accredited courses.

Focusing on the specialist delivery of National Training Package Certificates and Diplomas, their distinct courses shape and prepare students for the workplace and provide opportunities to pathway into Higher Education programs.

Victoria Polytechnic is focused on providing qualifications and skills development purpose-built for now. They’re about relevance in the real world and currency in changing times. Vic Polytechnic equip students with the technical skills and the thinking abilities needed to adapt and thrive, whatever path you choose.

Victoria Polytechnic offer a range of accredited courses in health, sport and community services, trades, hair and beauty, services industries and transition education.

Want to study at Vic Polytechnic? For more info visit

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