Scoring Controversy: Pacquiao vs Horn

UPDATE: The results of re-score of the Battle of Brisbane is out now! Click here to view.

* * *

There are a lot of talks and bad mouthing with regard to the judging of the recent Battle of Brisbane, particularly the scoring by Waleska Roldan, one of the judges of the contest between Manny Pacquiao and Jeff Horn. And also about the controversy surrounding the difference in scoring by the judges against CompuBox’s scoring, so let’s analyse this.

First off, there is a huge difference between the way the judges score the match as against how CompuBox scores them. CompuBox system calls for 2 operators where each operator watches one of the two fighters and has access to four keys, corresponding to jab connect, jab miss, power punch connect, and power punch miss. The operators key in the different punches as they happen, collecting punch counts and hit percentages along the way. So basically, the system is also run manually, and unfortunately, we don’t know who these operators and what their credentials are. CompuBox also admits not to rely on them to pick the winner in this article.

Below is the CompuBox’s statistics:

Boxing judges uses the 10-point system where they score with either 10 or 9 and gives the higher score to the boxer who they deemed won the particular rounds, these are then tallied for all the rounds and added in the end. So basically, whoever wins more rounds than the other wins in the scorecards of the individual judges. So it’s a judgement call on the part of the experienced judge. And these are seasoned boxing personalities who have judged local and international fights during their lifetime.

Here are the scores of the individual judges:

As can be seen above, Waleska gave a 3 win – 9 lost round score for Manny, which showed as 111 – 117 score. Actually this is not far off from the other 2 judges who both gave 5 win – 7 lost round scores for Manny, showing as 113 – 115 both scores. And if you look at Waleska’s scoring per round, it’s quite comparable with either one of the two judges or both. There’s only one round where Waleska scored the round which was not similar to the other 2 judges, Round 10. The other judges ruled in favour of Manny in that round.

To be honest, I didn’t see Manny winning that round, he didn’t have the fire which he brought out in Round 9 where Jeff was hurt, bleeding and unresponsive to Manny’s punches. Manny could have taken him out if it were not for the bell in Round 9. But then in Round 10, I must admit, Manny wasn’t able to deliver the winning blows and Jeff showed the same tenacity he had in the earlier rounds. Waleska as can be seen in this link is a seasoned boxing judge, and she called it right in Round 10.

Truth be told, even if Waleska ruled in favour of Manny, it wouldn’t make any difference since 2 of the judges voted in favour of Jeff in their scorecards, and the results would still be an unanimous vote in favour of Jeff in the end.

Good thing is there’s possibility of a Rematch between Manny and Jeff in November this year, with different judges and referee.

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