MasterChef: Callan Smith Eliminated!

Unfortunately, the youngest and a brilliant cook in Callan Smith was eliminated yesterday during the Akagi Shrine Elimination Challenge!

Sarah, Callan and Tamara had 75 minutes to make a dish inspired by their personal past and future at the Akagi Shrine. Sarah decided to participate in the elimination round by not using her pin.

Callan made a sushi-inspired dessert, Sarah made a dish called “steamboat” (pork with mushrooms, taro and wombok), and Tamara made a simple pork dumplings with a spicy broth. In the end, both Tamara and Sarah had outstanding dishes and they advanced to the finals, while Callan was eliminated when his dessert lacked flavour in his roasted rice ice cream.

Watch that episode here and Callan’s exit interview here.

A bit of bio, Callan grew up among foodies and is very fond of cooking, as his parents are veterans in the food industry. He ventured into cooking at the age of five and has gained enough knowledge and experience since then. Callan’s parents own a bottle shop called Glebe Liquor, as well as a restaurant, Timba Wine Bar, where Callan worked to serve the customers.

Callan’s friends, teachers, and family knew about his culinary skills and encouraged him to participate in MasterChef. Callan said one of his friends started filling out the application and then he had to continue it, but he never expected to be a part of the top 24 contestants; he just wanted to give a try.

Photo from Twitter @callansmithau


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