2017 Wimbledon Women Singles Finals

The new 2017 Wimbledon Women Singles title belongs to 14th ranked Gabrine Muguruza, ousting Venus Williams 7-5, 6-0!

This was Gabrine’s first final in the 13 months since she won Roland Garros. With the roof closed for the first time in a ladies’ singles final, the No.14 seed took 1:17 hours to win the title.

Gabrine withstood a menacing rally of forehands from the Venus throughout the first set, and fended off two set points before snatching one of her own. Venus focused on keeping the rallies short to preserve her energy. Unfortunately, she allowed a break point to pass at 3-3, and at 5-4 held two points to capture that first set. Gabrine then fired up her forehands when her own chance to break arose and she forced the error from Venus.

With so much energy expended on that critical first set, Venus could not summon enough strength to be competitive in the second set and she just ran out of energy, the score at 6-0.

Watch the highlights below:

Gabrine actually lost the world No.5 spot only last month on surrendering her Roland Garros title to hometown hero Kristina Mladenovic. Now Gabrine have bounced back to that same ranking as a result of her victory at Wimbledon.

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