Heard of Temptation Bundling?

It was a certain named teacher Katherine Milkman, an Operations and Information Management Professor at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania who first coined the term “Temptation Bundling”.

Katherine like many of us usually have trouble going to the gym on a regular basis. She is also has this addiction to listening to Audio books of fiction novels like “The Hunger Games”, etc.. Thus, Katherine hit upon the idea that she would only allow herself to listen to her fave audiobooks when she goes to the gym. She quickly discovered that by following this regimen, her gym attendance indeed rose ostensibly.

Temptation Bundling achieves two goals at once:

  • It reduces the amount of time you spend on your pleasures. You are limiting the situations in which you’ll allow yourself to engage in the temptation.
  • It increases the likelihood that you’ll engage in desired activity. It makes it easier for you to adopt the good habits.

Enjoy coffees at the shop near your school or office place? Only allow yourself to have coffee if you work on a tedious assignment or work while you’re there. If you love watching TV shows, but you hate ironing, only allow yourself to watch these shows while you do your chore.

How can you begin applying temptation bundling in your own life? Follow these three steps:

  • Create a list of temptations. Stuff you love to eat, do, or have, but you realise needs to be limited.
  • Secondly, create a list of “good” behaviours. They are the things you should be doing but which you procrastinate on.
  • Then, bundle the temptations with a good behaviour from the lists.

To be successful, you need to take the action that is necessary to achieve your goals on a consistent basis. That is, you need to create good habits. Temptation Bundling definitely can help you to achieve your goals.

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