Diana is MasterChef 2017!

Diana Chan brought home the title of MasterChef 2017!

The 29-year-old accountant won by a measly 1 point over Ben Ungermann, which raised a few eyebrows from fans.

Diana scored a perfect 30 out of 30 in the first round, a mystery box challenge, but garnered 1 point fewer than Ben in an Open Kitchen second round. Ben was actually hampered throughout the cook by a deep cut to his left thumb, which happened just 35 minutes into the first round. The 32-year-old retail manager required constant medical attention from the nurse throughout the cook, which may have cost him much needed time.

The third and final round, worth 40 points, saw the pair take on world champion chocolatier Kirsten Tibballs’ Trio of Fruits dessert where sweet and sticky puddings were disguised as an apple, pear and orange.

Diana and Ben had six hours to replicate the Trio of Fruits above.

But these are no ordinary pear, mandarin and apple. The pear contained hazelnut dacquoise with milk chocolate ganache surrounded by a vanilla mousse and honey sauteed pears. The mandarin included more hazelnut dacquoise, mandarin jelly and cream, dipped in a tempered chocolate. And the apple housed salted caramel, sugar crusted liquor, tempered chocolate and vanilla mousse with sauteed chocolate.

For the recipe, head to https://tenplay.com.au/channel-ten/masterchef/recipes/trio-of-fruits

Both contestants hit hurdles with Kirsten’s dessert, particularly with the sugar crusted liquor balls which kept turning to jelly, and later were forced to abandon the element after multiple failed attempts.

Ben accidentally dipped (dropped) his pear twice in tempered chocolate. But the judges thought that Ben best replicated the dessert. Ben scored 35 out of 40 to Diana’s 33 in that round but it was not enough to unseat Diana.

Here is the recap of the scores per round:

Diana won $250,000 cash prize and a monthly column in Delicious magazine, while Ben took home $40,000 as seed money to fund for his dream restaurant. Surprisingly, Karlie was also given $10,000 as a consolation prize for reaching the top 3 of MasterChef.

For a replay of the finals, head to https://tenplay.com.au/channel-ten/masterchef/season-9/episode-62

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