Ripped Jeans Trend

Ripped Jeans are here to stay and everyone is wearing them!

It’s now been awhile that this fad’s been trending in the fashion world that it becomes.. yeah a trend for both men and women!

And who better to get inspiration from than the celebrities who don them like Gigi Hadid (featured image from Instagram: @gigihadid) among others. All you need is to pair your ripped denims with an oversized coat and casual kicks for a perfect fashionable get-up, like our girl Gigi does.

You can grab your denim already distressed from shops, or alternatively, if you want a one-of-a-kind look you can always rip them yourself. Ripped denims normally is distressed on the knees by making small incisions with scissors and pulling the vertical threads out with your normal tweezers leaving behind horizontal white strands. Try also dragging course sandpaper across seams, hems and larger surfaces of your jeans for a more grunge look.

3 tips I found from GQ when buying or diy-ing your ripped jeans:

  1. Do not overly rip your denim. Too many will look odd or unnatural, rather you want a natural distressed look.
  2. Avoid holes more than 3 inches in height. In fact, ripped knees on your jeans shouldn’t require you to remove any fabric. All that’s required is a tear in the denim and the holes will form naturally over time.
  3. Do not expose any thigh parts, well may be for the ladies it’s okay.

You can always break the rules anyway Lol, good luck!

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