Guy Sebastian’s Transformation

Guy Sebastian, the former Australian Idol winner, says he used Ketogenic Diet, in addition to exercise, to get him into shape for his Men’s Health Australia cover within just 2 months’ time!

Guy Theodore Sebastian, born 26 October 1981, is a Malaysian-born Australian singer-songwriter currently based in Sydney with his wife Jules and 2 sons. He was the first winner of Australian Idol in 2003, and has been a judge on Australia’s The X Factor. He represented Australia at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, finishing in 5th place.

Guys was also featured in Body and Soul and made references to Guy’s diet. However, I do not agree with the Cons mentioned in the article, as I detailed below.

Cons 1: “Some of the claims of the efficacy of a ketogenic diet are overstated, particularly in relation to weight loss, increased lean mass and increased longevity. More high quality research is needed to support these claims.”

– Overstated? View the testimonies of these people who tried the Ketogenic Diet. I tried it myself since Feb 2017 and have lost almost 15kg plus a few inches around my waist. Tons of research has been done on the benefits of ketogenic diet like the information being shared by The problem is it’s the health system that doesn’t want people to know, like the case of Doctor Gary Fettke who is being silenced by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

Cons 2: “Also, following this diet can be really difficult, particularly in the long-term. Fruit, grains, beans and legumes, starchy vegetables, most dairy, along with most processed foods need to be removed from the diet. This usually means that day to day eating needs to be highly structured and planned, and eating out and social arrangements can become much more difficult.”

– Every diet is difficult at first, otherwise everyone will be doing it, but viewed positively, it’ll become easy as a way of eating and change of lifestyle. Selected fruits (ending in berries), most vegetables and almost every dairy such as eggs, cheese, butter and even milk can be consumed. And of course, everyone knows processed foods are not good for you, duh? Besides, don’t we all plan what we’ll be having for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the day? Also, when eating out and attending social arrangements, you can always choose the healthier options.

Cons 3: “This lifestyle also means significantly less fibre and prebiotic foods going into the diet, which can have a negative impact on many aspects of health, particularly in gut health. New research has shown a high-fat diet can change the balance of healthy bacteria in the gut, with potentially wide-ranging effects on health, not to mention, an increased risk of constipation.”

– Not entirely true, you can eat fibers and prebiotics (except the pasta and those high in carbohydrates) in the Ketogenic Diet. Watch the short video to know the health effects of low carbs in your gut.

Surprisingly, Body and Soul also featured the Ketogenic Diet in another article where the mom lost around 45kg! Now you serve the verdict.


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