Vale Jerry Lewis

Beloved comedian Jerry Lewis has died, aged 91.

Lewis was well known for his partnership with crooner Dean Martin. The pair made 17 films from 1949-1956. Martin and Lewis complemented each other: Martin was the suave ladies man and Lewis the zany bumbling cornball.

Starting in 1949, Lewis was working up until 1995’s Funny Bones. He continued with voice-over work, documentaries and TV until a comeback in 2016’s Max Rose. It would be his final role. His TV career lasted from 1950 to 2006 (as one of the many celebrities to guest on crime drama Law and Order: SVU).

Lewis was the template for The Simpsons’ long-running character Professor Frink as the character imitated many of Lewis’ mannerisms and general awkwardness from his films. Lewis played Frink’s father in “Treehouse of Horror XIV”. Lewis’ comedic style was a heavy influence on physical comedians like Jim Carrey, creating a slapstick style of his own in the nineties.

Brisbane Lions fans may remember Lewis tossing the coin at the Gabba before a Lions v West Coast game in 1999 (the Lions won by 100 points).

Lewis was chairman for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

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