Whitehouse Graduate Runway

Whitehouse Institute of Design recently held their annual Graduate Exhibition and Runway which is one of the highly anticipated celebrations for this year’s graduating class of 2017 at their Melbourne Campus.

Marking 29th year of excellence in design education, students from the Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design and Creative Direction & Styling streams showcased the culmination of years of hard work and dedication to design with a series of exhibitions and an exciting parade of graduate collections at both the Sydney and Melbourne campuses.

Whitehouse prepares graduates for careers in the creative industries as designers in fashion, styling & creative direction and interior design. Specialised design skills and knowledge are developed through the Institute’s teaching and learning programs, and collaborations with commerce, industry and cultural organisations. Graduates contribute to an equitable and civilised society through their engagement in public programs and experimentation with new materials and sustainable technologies. The Institute fosters a learning culture that values scholarship, critical reflection, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship enabling graduates to continue learning throughout their lives and contribute to the quality of life and wealth of the economy.

Established in 1988, Whitehouse has an outstanding reputation as one of Australia’s leading privately owned design institutions. This reputation is underpinned by a learning culture supporting innovation and creativity built on high levels of academic discipline; providing a sound design education that fosters personal growth and the establishment of an individual design identity.

Occupying two centrally located city campuses in Sydney and Melbourne, the Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia, offers a collection of design based qualifications, accredited certificates and short courses to a wide range of students including high school students, recent school leavers, mature students and international students, all of whom are committed to the commencement of a design career.

In addition to the quality of education provided and the calibre of the graduates produced, Whitehouse has built its reputation for excellence through the success of its alumni and the Institute’s global affiliations with the design industry and maintaining on-going collaborations and engaging with similar design institutes in the global design community.

For complete collection visit Flickr

For more information visit: http://www.whitehouse-design.edu.au/

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