Liz Cambage Ejected in the Grand Finals!

Opals star Liz Cambage was sensationally ejected during the second quarter of Australia’s win over England in the Grand Finals of the Women’s Basketball in the XXI Commonwealth Games. The Opals was leading 38-22 at that time.

Liz was booted off the court on a technical foul when she appeared to say something to the referees before she was to shoot her free throws for being fouled going inside the painted area.

As the crowd realized what had happened an enormous boo echoed around the stadium.

The replays showed Liz was aggressively defended by England’s Azania Stewart and was hacked with several fouls while trying to shoot the ball. Liz then dribbled past Stewart towards the hoop when she was again fouled with a body check. Liz seemed to question the referee why it took so long for them to call the foul.

While about to shoot her free throws, Liz dribbled the ball back to the referee from the free throw line due to the on-court movement by England’s players around the key. The movement appeared to be missed by the referee who appeared to question why Liz hadn’t taken her shot.

Liz then continued to exchange words with the referee with an irate expression on her face. When she was finally handed back the ball she seemed to mutter something and that was the time she was hit with the technical foul and ejected out of the game.

The Opals went on to win 99 -55 over England in the end.

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